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Korean government continues to block adult sites for banning porn

Article: Banning adult sites... "Unnecessary law" vs "Must ban all sources of illegal videos"

Source: Asia Economics via Nate

1. [+2610, -355] Can you find another crappy country where it's illegal for adults to access adult sites?

2. [+2358, -339] The only country in the world that bans porn, male adult products, and prostitution.

3. [+1926, -307] From all OECD countries, Korea is the only country that makes prostitution, porn production, and adult products illegal. The reason why Europe is legalizing prostitution is because it decreases the number of sex offenders. But our country is categorizing adult contents as harmful contents. It's a mystery why our country isn't #1 for rape.

4. [+234, -45] Banning adult contents like this is the same politics as China and North Korea. Think about Moon Jae In's politics, a lot of them are similar to China and North Korea. Without realizing it, things are becoming communist. Soon enough, they'll ban SNS and Youtube like what communist China did.

5. [+196, -32] What's wrong with adults accessing adult sites, though?

6. [+193, -12] Drunk driving is a problem so we should ban alcohol, no? Cigarettes are a problem so we should ban them, no?

7. [+164, -11] We ask for stronger punishment for hidden cameras but they're banning the sites instead, ugh...

8. [+161, -14] Is this China or North Korea? Is this really a democratic country South Korea? Is this an era of Park Jung Hee?

9. [+145, -9] They don't even care about investigating illegal prostitution and don't punish illegal prostitutes. They should reinforce stronger punishment for hidden cameras and leakers instead. Where did this stupid thought of regulating the Internet come from?

10. [+123, -12] Don't ban the sites. This is a violation of human rights.

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