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Gagman Yoo Se Yoon protests against the ban on his song 'My Anus is Strong'

Article: Yoo Se Yoon's new song 'My anus is...' He protests against the decision to ban the song on the broadcast

Source: Yeonhap via Naver

(His song is a remix of a children's song 'Poop Song')

1. [+2331, -68] I totally understand why it's banned...

2. [+709, -116] Can he stop being crazy, ugh...

3. [+411, -39] He could've made songs about other things, not like that. I'm glad the song is banned!

4. [+301, -27] The song should never be allowed on the broadcast. It'll be used in wrong ways.

5. [+271, -48] You think it's acceptable to be unique without morals?

6. [+140, -5] The title itself is gross enough. I'm afraid elementary school kids will sing this... How can he be so thoughtless as a father?

7. [+84, -2] People mention a children's song but the purpose of the children's song is bowel training 4~6-year-olds. A pop song isn't meant for bowel training.

8. [+70, -2] The problem isn't the word 'anus', the whole sentence sounds cheap. I know he also released a song on sexual intercourse before. He should cut it out, the hot weather is annoying enough.

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