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Shaun's reps say they'll take actions against rumors + Paul Kim & Seungri's posts

Article: Shaun reps, "We're not criminals... Will take strong actions against malicious rumors"

Source: BizEnt via Nate

1. [+831, -20] Nilo's song rose rapidly which turned out to be a sajaegi. Moon Moon got popular by Contrail who turned out to be a hidden camera criminal ㅋㅋㅋ This too shall pass.

2. [+761, -25] Then why don't you hold a concert with the other singer? You have 700~800K listeners per day, so if you hold a concert, the ticketing will be no joke. You're not gonna sell 90 tickets like the other singer, are you?

3. [+719, -19] He's in the same company as Nilo ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Paul Kim posted on Instagram about this ㅋㅋ

4. [+75, -6] Yeah, make sure to catch malicious rumors and I look forward to your concert. You're not gonna cancel it like Nilo, are you?

5. [+66, -5] His company is a cooperating company of Nilo's! Nilo charted #1 for a long time but he couldn't sell his concert tickets. Does it make sense that a singer that the public loves gets ignored like that?

6. [+45, -2] Bullshit. I don't even know who he is. He has 500K listeners in the middle of the night? Even the fandoms of top groups can barely manage to do this. Why would I listen to him when I don't even know him? tsk tsk

Paul Kim: "They think it's legal because we leave their robbing."


Instiz: Paul Kim, "They think it's legal because we forgive their robbing."

- The singers must be really upset... Ugh...

- Are you watching, Jang Nilshon?

- Paul Kim's songs are really good. They're on a different level from the sajaegis.

(Seungri posted a promotion post for Shaun's song and then deleted it later)


Instiz: Bigbang Seungri deletes his Instagram post

- I stopped wanting to support Shaun after he thanked on people for his chart rank on Instagram. So shameless...

- His digital sales are abnormal but he does have more listeners than Nilo in real life

- Ugh, people seem to actually like the song. Even if he didn't do sajaegi, he would've charted decently. Why did he have to pull this... So unlikeable.

- They're doing sajaegi because they want "But the song is actually good, though?" reactions

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