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Siwon's past interview of liking controversial historical Japanese figure resurfaces

Q: Is there something that you get reminded of when you think of Japan?
Siwon: I like Tokugawa Ieyasu, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Oda Nobunaga. Since I like Tokugawa, I looked for fried oysters and ate them on purpose because it was his favorite food.


Pann: Choi Siwon is pro-Japanese?

1. [+422, -3] This kid had to be judged for saying kindokkang.

2. [+295, -6] Why is he mentioning Toyotomi Hideyoshi...?

3. [+250, -22] In New Zealand, Choi Siwon is introduced as Japanese in a Japanese textbook.

4. [+193, -9] SM kids try to look educated but they're all empty-headed. When Seohyun used to go around and talk about respecting Ban Ki Moon, she couldn't even provide reasons for respecting him.

5. [+165, -0] That's equivalent to liking Hitler in Europe.

6. [+159, -0] Big goosebumps... How come this wasn't issued until now? Choi Siwon needs to be filtered out... I really wonder how his family is. Is his family pro-Japanese?

7. [+131, -16] Isn't SM all pro-Japanese, though? They had an SMTOWN concert the day before the National Liberation Day and Tiffany posted a picture of a rising sun flag.

8. [+115, -0] Toyotomi Hideyoshi?? The Toyotomi Hideyoshi that we know??

9. [+95, -0] Isn't B&B Choi Siwon's dad's company? We need to boycott.

10. [+91, -0] If he was talking about the Toyotomi Hideyoshi that we know, then he should stop appearing on the broadcast or have an explanation. He was pretending to be so well-mannered with UNICEF promotions but he was doing this behind?

11. [+69, -0] I wouldn't care if a Japanese person said this but I'm shocked that a Korean idol has said it.

12. [+65, -0] I don't care about celebrities and murderous dogs but he really needs to clarify this interview. Even elementary school students know that Toyotomi Hideyoshi was the one who caused wars to invade Korea and cut off Chosun people's noses and ears enough to build a mountain.

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