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The charm of Northern Europe?

Article: [Travel] The reason to visit Northern Europe again

Source: Weekly Chosun via Naver

1. [+110, -15] I envy the public manners in Northern Europe.

2. [+67, -8] Of course, the north is a good place to live and has the best public manners. Except Russia, though.

3. [+88, -16] Everything aside, Ireland and Northern Europe were where Games of Thrones was filmed. Do I need to say anything more?

4. [+66, -9] Whether it's Northern Europe or anywhere else, it's hell if you have no money. It's the matter of money, not the matter of location.

5. [+14, -0] Norway's amazing nature had a charm that drew you in aimlessly. I want to travel in Northern Europe again.

6. [+11, -0] The money issue aside, Finland was closer than I thought. The country of Santa is only 8~9 hours away, which surprised me.

7. [+12, -1] Northern Europe is a beautiful place by the view and the mother nature. Those who live there are really lucky.

8. [+4, -0] I want to visit Helsinki again. The city had a dark and depressing vibe which was cool.

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