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Parenting shows are bad for the kids?

Pann: I truly feel bad for the kids on parenting shows

(Pann talks about the exposure the children gets)

1. [+475, -4] I also feel bad for Song Jong Guk's kids Jia and Jiwook... Song Jong Guk ran away after cheating on his wife. He shouldn't have exposed his kids in the first place. Now people are gonna gossip every time they see the kids.

2. [+475, -4] I don't mind the kids but I feel really bad for Uhm Tae Woong's daughter. The fact that her dad went to prostitution will follow her for the rest of her life...

3. [+401, -41] I think Seoeon and Seojun should stop appearing. Their dad's personality, though.

4. [+193, -4] I feel more bad for ordinary children who are watching those kids living the 1% rich life on TV. The kids on TV have cars, houses, foods, and environments that are way too different from average households. I'm not blaming the kids for being born in rich families but it makes me wonder if it's right to make ordinary children feel inferior by showing the lives of rich kids.

5. [+181, -4] They should really not film the kids having a bath. I saw a girl taking a bath and what if someone decides to take screencaps and spread it on the Internet? When the actress Kim Yoo Jung was young, she did a scene in a public bath and it got spread on Facebook last year. The broadcast covers the kids' bodies with stickers but why do they even install cameras in the bathroom?

6. [+162, -3] I didn't like them since the beginning because I felt like I was watching Truman Show. Seoeon and Seojun are now 5 and they've been appearing since they were 100 days old. They're followed by cameras since babies and they have strangers adoring them and saying hi. I wonder if it's good for them.

7. [+152, -1] Honestly, Lee Hwi Jae changed his image with Seoeon and Seojun.

8. [+113, -1] Seoeon and Seojun's case is fine since it's just their dad having bad attitude but Uhm Tae Woong's daughter is the most unfortunate one... What did the daughter even do to deserve that... The entire nation knows about her dad going to prostitution. The family won't have a proper life.

9. [+98, -1] When those kids grow up and enter middle school and high school, they'll be made fun of.

10. [+89, -0] That's why the triplet family was smart. They appeared briefly, got very popular, and left the show.

11. [+81, -1] Go Ji Yong recently launched a brand for children's sunglasses... He had his reasons ㅋㅋ He refused to be on the broadcast because the entertainment industry was burdening for him but he's appearing on a parenting show... His purpose was to sell his kid to expand his business... Amazing.

12. [+79, -1] A lot of people don't know this but Lee Dong Guk also went to prostitution during the early days of his marriage.

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