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List of YooA's lies

Radio Star
"YooA had no dreams to become a singer but she decided to debut because of a stalker."

YooA's pre-debut posts to consult with a dance academy
"I'm entering a middle school this year. Can I attend the academy when I'm young?"
"My dream is to become a singer, so I'll practice a lot and audition."

YooA's profile
Education: Sejong University dance major

In an interview, she specifically mentions majoring in dance at Sejong University
-> However, she only attended the training institute, not the actual university program

Interview article:

"YooA was a track and field athlete when she was in elementary school. When she was in grade 6, her record of 100m running was 13.00 seconds. She was scouted by a lot of middle schools but she gave up track and field because she didn't want to grow muscles."
-> The record of a 6th grade female medalist at a national competition is 13.15 seconds. YooA was eliminated in the preliminaries of 50m running at IAC.

"The reason why she wanted to be a singer was because of BoA. She dreamed of becoming a singer as she watched BoA's stage."
-> Contradictory to her previous statement


Pann: List of YooA's controversies - stalker, Sejong Uni, 13 seconds

1. [+286, -8] Jung Junha attended Seoul National University's training institute and he freaks out whenever Infinity Challenge members mentions SNU ㅋㅋ

2. [+278, -15] "Her record for running can change" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's not like YooA is in her 30's, she's still in her early 20's. 13.00 seconds is a record that can beat all elementary school students nationwide. How does it make sense that she was slow enough to be eliminated in the preliminaries? Fans should come up with proper excuses to shield her. Her record wasn't even from a competition, it was measured roughly but it was 13 seconds. Do you think people will leave someone like her alone?

3. [+260, -8] IOI Chungha's profile doesn't mention Sejong University. Her articles never said she majored in dance at Sejong. When she performed at Sejong University, she mentioned that she attended the institute. Whereas YooA...

4. [+222, -4] Wow, what a mythomaniac

5. [+167, -4] Oh My Girl was just starting to rise but this kid is ruining their image ㅠㅠ

6. [+155, -2] Isn't Oh My Girl a new president at female-dominated sites? Their image is screwed because of YooA~ She's the biggest mythomaniac from 4th generation girl groups.

7. [+142, -1] She's indeed a mythomaniac ㅋㅋ She spits words without remembering what she had said before.

8. [+134, -0] Those who are shielding her running record must be idiots. If you're a really fast runner as a kid, you'll grow up and still run faster than most people.

9. [+112, -4] YooA is promoted a lot by her company. B1A4 Sandeul was a panelist on Mask Best Singer but YooA took the spot when she can't even sing that well. She was on Hit The Stage with B1A4. She was on My Little Television, Radio Star, and other shows and CFs... And she lied on broadcast and even faked her education ㅋㅋㅋ She must be the biggest mythomaniac idol.

10. [+96, -0] I really hate mythomaniacs

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