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GFriend Yerin's forced cry on 'Show Champion'?

Pann: Yerin's crying face when she was saying her winning speech

1. [+295, -54] I was sincerely congratulating them but her face made me change the channel

2. [+272, -50] Her crying looks forced. It might not be true but she also interrupted Umji. Not likeable.

3. [+236, -39] Tsk...

4. [+164, -15] I liked them because their song is good but her facial expression... Is she forcing it?

5. [+145, -7] Honestly, I didn't understand when people criticized her forced eye smile but this one looks off. Also her pikachu doll incident... She's not likeable in many ways.

6. [+141, -8] How should I put it... She acts like she's cute

7. [+124, -14] She exaggerates too much

8. [+104, -7] Her crying on The Show looked truly sad but is this a joke? ㅋㅋㅋ Fuck

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