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April Jinsol ruins a magic performance

(She was supposed to push the wall and appear AFTER he covered the cage with the cloth)


Pann: Look at this, a celebrity ruined Choi Hyun Woo's magic performance

1. [+386, -3] The magic trick is that he sets the cage on fire, covers it with the cloth, and opens it to find Jinsol there. But even before he closed the cage and covered it, Jinsol pushed the wall and appeared, ruining everything. Because of her, the magic trick that Choi Hyun Woo had created and developed with a copyright is now revealed to everyone. Anybody can copy the trick, which is a problem. Choi Hyun Woo spent millions to get the copyright but now everybody knows how to do it. How is this not a big problem? This is 100% Jinsol's fault. She was supposed to appear after Choi Hyun Woo taps the cage twice but she appeared as soon as he set the cage on fire.

2. [+350, -4] This is obviously Jinsol's fault ㅋㅋ She ignored the tapping signal rule and appeared right after the fire ㅋㅋ She's thoughtless. Magic tricks have extremely expensive copyrights. I heard that Choi Hyun Woo had saved up millions to get the copyright.

3. [+282, -1] Fangirls need to stop shielding her.

4. [+183, -1] I heard that they couldn't rehearsal it properly because Jinsol arrived 15 minutes before the show. Isn't it her fault? If she couldn't do a proper rehearsal because she was late, then she should've at least understood the rules properly. She damaged his career because of her mistake. I want to punch her smiling face. I hope he sues her and gets a big compensation.

5. [+183, -1] Of course, magic trick helpers have to be smart and quick people.

6. [+173, -3] Choi Hyun Woo fans called him Hogwarts and made his image, and it's all destroyed by Jinsol's mistake. I feel so bad. Isn't Choi Hyun Woo considered the best magician in Korea? His image was even more of a wizard than a magician ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Now other magicians can't do the magic trick anymore and I heard that magic tricks have expensive copyrights. I'm more pissed at his damaged image.

7. [+167, -1] Even if she pays a compensation, what about his damaged career?

8. [+159, -1] Whether he sues her or not, I hope he gets a compensation... It's crazy that she revealed the trick. She should apologize at least. This should not be passed without anything.

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