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A wanted robber who was too "pretty"

Lee Mee Hye (22) was wanted for armed robbery. The description for identifying her was "She has a pretty face."

She had a fancafe (♡ Robbery ulzzang Lee Mee Hye ♡) with her 'wanted' photo. The cafe had more than 34K members.

"You're not at fault... We'll help you... Find strength... by Angel Mee Hye's guardian"


She was eventually arrested. She said "I'm also dumbfounded" at her strange popularity.


Instiz: Ulzzang robber who used to be a big buzz
- "I'm also dumbfounded" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- I heard that she was hiding, but she got a fancafe and became too well-known. So she had to turn herself to the police.

- Lookism...

- Wow, I can't believe 34K people actually joined the fancafe

- She's pretty indeed

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