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[Abnormal Summit E143] Girl's Day & air pollution in Seoul

Article: 'Abnormal' Yura, "We don't have the 7th-year jinx... We've renewed our contract for two more years"

Source: Xports Seoul via Naver

1. [+2962, -186] Most girl groups and boy groups have a member who's outstandingly popular. But for Girl's Day, Sojin, Yura, Hyeri and Minah are all popular, although there might be a slight difference. They're a very interesting girl group...

2. [+1967, -100] Girl's Day is actually amazing. Their company used to be small but the group grew their company to this big. The members are promoting well with variety shows, acting, and solo releases. Their new song is also good. At first, I thought they'd flop because their concept was questionable but I could see how they were improving. It's good to see them and their cool personalities. They're well individually but they look even cooler as a group. - From a Girl's Day fangirl.

3. [+1518, -90] Girl's Day became stable after hardships... So cool...

4. [+1300, -93] Girl's Day really seems like a family. Do well Girl's Day <3

5. [+1309, -105] Girl's Day members look really close, not like a business group.

6. [+198, -14] Girl's Day's company seems to be taking care of the group really well. The four members have recognition and are also promoting individually. One of the common reasons for girl group disbandment is because one member is too popular.


Article: 'Abnormal' Guillaume is a smart anti of Sojin? "An old ajumma..." laughs

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+249, -7] If you watched the broadcast, you'd know that Guillaume was asking her if it was really true that the fans called her 'aunt' but he said 'ajumma' by mistake ㅋㅋ

2. [+137, -30] Sojin is pretty! Do well, Girl's Day ^^

3. [+97, -18] Why does the age matter so much in this country?

Article: 'Abnormal' Seoul has worse air quality that China... shocking

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

Worst air pollution ranking
1) India, New Delhi
2) Korea, Seoul
3) Pakistan, Lahore & India, Kolkata
5) China, Qingdao
6) China, Beijing


1. [+2116, -33] It's all because of China.

2. [+1970, -14] I'm also frustrated with my country for staying silent.

3. [+1619, -25] China... I really hate them. They only cause disturbance.

4. [+1147, -16] Even to me, China seems really chaotic.

5. [+343, -2] China moved their factory region to an area near the Korean peninsula. As a result, the air in Beijing got better but the air in Korea became more dusty. Yet they're attacking us back because of THAAD. Their two-faced behavior pisses me off.

6. [+276, -4] China relocated their factories to right beside the Korean peninsula. Beijing's sky cleared up afterwards and those Chinese citizens are satisfied.

7. [+255, -3] I don't even want to see Wang Xinlin because he's so depressing.

8. [+259, -5] It's frustrating because it's from China. Korea's air used to be clean.

9. [+245, -2] I don't know where you're from if you're saying China's role isn't big to this. It's a fact that our country's sky became completely clear when China stopped operating their factories.

10. [+170, -0] Does our government not have a solution to this? They should actively tell the citizens what to do, invest in the technology to prevent air pollution, and try to solve it diplomatically. Why are they all useless?

11. [+171, -2] I will vote for the candidate who says they will definitely sort out the air pollution issue.

12. [+137, -1] I dated a Chinese person when I was studying in the US. One day, we were struggling to communicate and they told me that if China succeeded in conquering Korea in history, we would be talking freely since Koreans would have to speak Chinese as well. I broke up with them on the spot ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Chinese people's ideology is frustrating. No, Chinese people are frustrating.

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