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Top 5 nuisances in their groups?


Park Bom

Ex-members of EXO

Seo Jisoo



Pann: Top 5 nuisances in their groups

1. [+319, -97] Why did you put Seo Jisoo? Seo Jisoo is a victim. She did disturb Lovelyz with her rumors but she's not the same level as the others on the list.

2. [+291, -93] Why Jisoo? She was controversial but it was just rumors.

3. [+229, -11] Ryu Hwayoung. She said with Jiyeon that she won't go to a university but she quietly accepted special admission to Kyunghee University. She was getting a free ride in T-ara and Jiyeon still performed when she had a broken nose but when she got her leg injured, she skipped a stage and went to a nail shop instead. Hyomin had to spend an hour practicing Hwayoung's part and they had to change the choreography format. Since the bullying scandal, she cosplayed as the victim on Twitter in every way. After leaving the group, she said she'll continue to rap as a fan of hip-hop but she got into acting. In an interview, she said her original dream was to become an actress and that T-ara was just a step to achieve her dream.

4. [+76, -4] The bitch Ryu Hwayoung.

5. [+64, -7] Wasn't Jisoo's case just rumors?

6. [+59, -5] I'm a Lovelinus and I don't understand why Jisoo has to be on the list. Jisoo still stayed in Lovelyz after the hard times. Fans and members are very thankful. You might call her a nuisance but I'm just thankful that Jisoo stayed. She still tears up when she hears the intro of Candy Jelly Love.

7. [+58, -2] Fucking traitors ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+57, -6] Take Jisoo out~

9. [+55, -3] You should put SuJu Kangin instead of Seo Jisoo. It's confirmed that Jisoo's case was a rumor.

10. [+49, -2] Take Jisoo out and put a SuJu member.

11. [+34, -0] Where's Top Secret Kyeongha?

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