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The class of Jun Ji Hyun's husband

- Same age as Jun Ji Hyun
- 185cm
- Graduated Korea University
- Works at USA's biggest bank 'Bank of America'
- He's the only grandchild of a global hanbok designer Lee Young Hee. His father is a CEO of asset management company. His mother is a fashion designer.


Pann: The class of Jun Ji Hyun's husband

1. [+415, -6] It's so romantic how they went to the same elementary school ㅋㅋ

2. [+326, -14] At Chungdam, Apgujung, you will spot a man and think, "How can a man be that handsome? Who's that woman beside him?" They're him and Jun Ji Hyun. Jun Ji Hyun's looks don't lack at all but her husband is more noticeable. They say he looks the handsomest in real life.

3. [+198, -1] He also has a handsome face

4. [+175, -3] I just hope they have a lot of kids... They should have as many kids as they can and spread their superior genes in Korea.

5. [+139, -2] I work at the airport and saw them. I noticed the husband first, not Jun Ji Hyun... I'm a helpless woman ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+131, -1] Handsome, educated, well-off family, tall, rich, and everything. I envy both so much.

7. [+117, -2] They're married because they're both similar. Honestly, Jun Ji Hyun doesn't have a reason to lower her standards for men. But when she's with him, he's more noticeable.

8. [+116, -3] They were childhood friends and they met when they were adults

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