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YG is in a state of emergency?

Pann: Isn't YG in a state of emergency?

Winner is now 4 members, 2NE1 disbanded, and Bigbang is enlisting. The only hope is promoting Winner and iKON hard in Korea and getting a variety show for Black Pink.

1. [+128, -0] But iKON is already promoted hard, it's just that they're not in Korea. As soon as their Asia tour was done, they did a Japanese tour, appeared on China's I'm a Singer, and won a rookie award in Japan. They're just not in Korea... I can't believe I'm waiting for their domestic return when they're a 1-year rookie group. Hyun Suk-ah, they're fucking Korean artists. Do you think money is everything?

2. [+122, -11] I want YG to flop but Lee Hi, Black Pink, and AkMu are too good. He shouldn't appear on K-Pop Star if he has some shame.

3. [+108, -1] It's not an emergency, they just have to promote their current artists properly. They choose not to. Conclusion is, Hyun Suk is disgusting.

4. [+52, -0] They did 2 concerts a day. iKON's total number of concerts are over 50. Recently, more concerts got planned. If they're promoted even more, I'm going to kill Yang Hyum.

5. [+49, -0] I fucking hate Hyun Suk. His management is so fucked up. Their mysterious concept isn't mysterious at all so they need to stop that shit. They think we're joking when we call it YG's jewel box. Fuck them.

6. [+38, -5] Flop YG

7. [+33, -0] iKON is being promoted hard already. They just don't have a comeback. This year, they already had two arena tours in Japan and one Asia tour. A Japanese concert was just added.

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