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Survived idol groups since 2001

2001: Jewelry (Mar)

2003: TVXQ (Dec)

2005: SS501 (Jun), Super Junior (Nov)

2006: Brown Eyed Girls (Mar), Bigbang (Aug)

2007: Wonder Girls (Feb), Kara (Mar), FT Island (Jun), SNSD (Aug)

2008: SHINee (May), 2AM (Jul), U-Kiss (Aug), 2PM (Sep), IU (Sep)

2009: 2NE1 (May), 4Minute (Jun), T-ara (Jul), f(x) (Sept), MBLAQ (Oct), Secret (Oct), B2ST (Oct), Rainbow (Nov)

2010: CNBLUE (Jan), ZE:A (Jan), Sistar (Jun), Infinite (Jun), Miss A (Jul), Girl's Day (Jul), Teen Top (Jul), Nine Muses (Aug)

2011: Dal Shabet (Jan), Block B (Apr), Apink (Apr), B1A4 (Apr)

2012: BAP (Jan), EXID (Feb), BTOB (Mar), EXO (Apr), Hello Venus (May), VIXX (May), AOA (Jul)

2013: BTS (Jun)

2014: GOT7 (Jan), Mamamoo (Jun), Red Velvet (Aug), Winner (Aug), Lovelyz (Nov)

2015: GFriend (Jan), Oh My Girl (Apr), Monsta X (May), Seventeen (May), iKON (Sep), Twice (Oct)

2016: NCT (Apr), IOI (May), Black Pink (Aug)


Pann: All idol groups that debuted since 2001

1. [+102, -66] BTS is the only one that survived in 2013, goosebumps

2. [+94, -13] SHINee and Infinite still have stable fandoms so I didn't know that they debuted that early

3. [+51, -1] Wow, Bigbang looks so fresh ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's already 10 years ago...

4. [+38, -12] BTS is the only group that survived in 2013?

5. [+27, -6] Wait, why is BTS the only one in 2013? They're the only survived one?

6. [+18, -1] Total of 32 groups debuted in 2013. Honestly, it's true that BTS the only one that's survived... For girl groups, at least Ladies' Code is known.

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