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As a stan, when does the reality hit you?

PannAs a stan, when does the reality hit you?

1. [+382, -1] When the concert ends, I go, "We're the same human yet we're so different..." I'm just one of the countless fans.

2. [+282, -6] When I spend money, buy their albums, stream their music, and buy their lightstick... I wonder why I have to do this when they don't even know me.

3. [+275, -3] For them, I'm nothing but one of their endless fans, but it's not the same for me

4. [+136, -2] I see them smiling at us and I think, "But they must have girlfriends, right?" I consider so many times whether to leave the fandom or not but I can't, I'm such a trash ㅠㅠ

5. [+113, -0] When I go to a concert or a fansign, I'm actually happy. But when I realize that our relationship will end the moment I let it go, the reality hits me hard.

6. [+98 -1] I watched Win recently. Team B lost and Bobby cried hard. I cried along and the reality hit me suddenly. It's like a beggar worrying about a king. The reality hit me because I found myself pathetic for crying for someone who had a much better life than me.

7. [+95, -0] When I'm nothing compared to the idol

8. [+74, -0] Fansite masters see the idols at every schedule but I can't unless I go to a concert... Even at a concert, I have to see them from afar.

9. [+73 -1] The reality hits me when I see the singer's dongsaeng or noona.

10. [+67, -0] When the fans wait for hours to see the idol but they leave coldly... The reality hits me when they walk straight to their car and shut the door without glancing at the fans.

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