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How sasaengs approach to rookie idols

"Sticking sasaengs" who go for rookie groups without strict guard. When there's a shoot, they wait for the idols to finish. When the idols come, they pretend to be coordis and link arms or hold hands to talk to them and give gifts. If the idol is experienced, they call their manager right away. But rookie idols don't know what's going on, so they act friendly to them.


Instiz: Pictures of a sasaeng at Yeouido KBS

- The idols must be scared. Why are those stans sticking to idols like that?

- Poor Doyeon...

- Only going for rookie idols? I really hate this

- Sasaengs aren't fans, I hate them

- I don't care if they talk to the idols but why link arms ㅋㅋ

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