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EXO-L's dominance at Dream Concert

EXO-L's lightsticks at yesterday's Dream Concert

Voting at the concert


Pann: Extremely legendary fandom

1. [+513, -27] EXO-Ls cheered for other artists with their lightsticks on. But when EXO was performing, a lot of other fans turned off their lightsticks, which was pitiful. I hope they do well.

2. [+395, -15] I was there as a fan. When it was EXO's stage, other fans turned off their lightsticks. I guess they did because they ran out of the batteries since EXO was the last stage.

3. [+380, -33] You're shameless if you still say they're on a downfall and they don't have fans. Honestly, who can beat EXO? They had 5 controversies (3 withdrawals, 2 dating news) but they're doing even better and are breaking records. Another idol group like EXO can never happen again. EXO-L's fan chants were no joke yesterday.

4. [+113, -3] EXO members looked great, too

5. [+110, -2] Isn't it basically EXO's Dream Concert? So amazing, they're legendary all the time.

6. [+105, -1] Other fans turned off their lightsticks but there were too many of us anyways ㅋㅋ It was amazing yesterday, the fan chants are no joke.

7. [+100, -0] EXO-Ls kept their lightsticks on and sang along when other artists were performing. But when it was EXO's stage, only EXO-Ls had their lightsticks on.

8. [+99, -1] They kept their lightsticks on when Red Velvet was performing. As expected of EXO-Ls.

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