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Details of iKON's main fansite's Winner hate + Winner fans demand clearer feedback & apologies

Three line summary:
1) iKON's main fansite 'Get Ready Show Time' created a group chat of 23 people including the fansite staff and verified members.
2) The group chat was made for other purpose, but they acted as a group and manipulated public opinions to tarnish Winner and Winner fan's image. For example, they used 80 accounts to cosplay as Winner fans and non-fans on Pann.
3) 'Get Ready Show Time' admitted their actions but gave no clear feedback.

Information extracted from the group chat:
1) They tried to join Winner's main fansite
- I tried so hard to join Inner Circle
- But I figured that I wouldn't gain anything from it
- Do they check your album?
- Ah, maybe I should borrow my friend's album
2) They put down Winner and Winner fans
- Is it true that Winner fans are streaming so hard?
- It means that they're using all their power, crazy
- They always bullshit about package deals
- Do they think they're at Bigbang's level?
- "V meets V, it's Winner" so gross (What Seunghoon said on V app)
- I fucking want to bulk buy flamethrowers
- If we succeed this plan, we could totally screw those idiots over
3) Manipulating public opinions
(They shared Pann links to manipulate comments with a lot of accounts)
- I'm going to be like "I'm a Winner fan but I'm so disappointed with other Winner fans" until the end
- Act like a raged fan, objective fan, non-fan, other fan, and everyone
- Fuck, what if Get Ready Show Time ends up apologizing?
- We won't
- We won't apologize

The reason why the group chat was created:
1) In September last year, the Twitter of an international Winner fandom 'Voting Circle' was hacked. Because of this, the main fandoms of Winner and iKON got into a conflict.
2) According to 'Get Ready Show Time', iKON's fandom made a group chat with the staff and verified members to clarify and give feedback.
3) However, unlike the original purpose of the chat, they put Winner down and manipulated posts.

On June 3, 'Get Ready Show Time' admitted that the group chat existed. The found 4 of the 23 people in the chat and posted their apologies on their fansite, Twitter, Winner's DC Gallery, and Pann. Winner's fandom demanded another feedback since the apology didn't match the details of the collected information and the feedback on the group chat wasn't mentioned in the apology.

Final summary:
1) On Apr 9, someone in the group chat confessed and posted the screencaps of the chat on Winner's DC Gallery
2) On May 31, 'Get Ready Show Time' released a statement that they "couldn't contact the people in the chat", "the staff doesn't know about it", and "there's no reason for them to be responsible".
3) On June 1, Winner's DC Gallery collected evidences and started to take actions.
4) On June 3, 3 people in the group chat were said to be contacted and released their hand-written apologies.


Pann: We demand from 'Get Ready Show Time' (iKON's main fansite)

1. [+275, -2] The victims and offenders are clear in this. I hope people don't blur the point and jump on the bandwagon.

2. [+272, -6] I can't understand what Winner has done to deserve these manipulations. Just like how your bias is important to you, Winner is just as important to us. Please only cheer for your bias.

3. [+257, -4] iKON's main fansite 'GRST' made a group chat of 23 people including the staff. Unlike the original purpose, they bashed and insulted Winner, Winner fans, and manipulated public opinions. Nate Pann was heavily used to generate negative public opinions. The screencaps of the group chat were released on Winner's DC Gallery. But the feedback from GRST was poorly written, so Winner fans decided to write this post. GRST needs to release the full chat with the help of the 4 identified people, hand-written apologies of the other 19 people, to delete the 80 accounts used for manipulations, and to prove the group chat is deleted. This demand is towards the fansite and the group chat but since this happened within the fandom, all other iKON fans also need to help to give feedback as soon as possible.

4. [+141, -1] We demand a responsible solution from Get Ready Show Time

5. [+138, -1] This is daebak. 23 people manipulated the public opinions with 80 accounts? It can be a criminal charge, can't it? They tarnished Winner and Winner fans' image on purpose with malicious intents. Ending this incident with apologies is extremely forgiving already.

6. [+124, -1] I'm getting goosebumps at how they're even manipulating comments on positive posts... Now people can't even praise their bias freely.

7. [+118, -2] Honestly, Incles held back a lot. The group chat was released a long time ago.

8. [+115, -2] Wow daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Winner fans must've struggled hard ㅠㅠ

9. [+108, -1] Hul, this was true? Whenever there was a post bashing Winner, Winner fans posted the group chat and I wondered what kind of a nonsense they were bringing. I'm so shocked, I hope they get the apologies. If I were the victim, I would've fainted in shock.

10. [+104, -3] On Pann, Winner's image is "the most promoted". They're already affected by various rumors. We held back and waited. We want a clear feedback.

[+225, -141] Winner and (blurred) are the most promoted groups on Pann

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