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Somi was booed at IOI's showcase?

Pann: Am I the only one who was frustrated when Somi was booed at the showcase?

(At IOI's showcase, Somi got 4 questions in a row. The audience started booing at the third question.)

1. [+279, -17] Yet they were calling us Som-roaches. What the hell are they doing to a grade 9 girl ㅋㅋ How hopeless.

2. [+236, -13] What's funnier is that they were also making fun of the Somi fan's looks who had a chance to call to the showcase. If other member was booed, they would've bashed Somi fans and blamed it all on us. All accounts say she was booed, Somi must've felt so embarrassed. Even her parents were there.

3. [+229, -13] Her family was there, it was going too far. And the questions were picked randomly, it wasn't even Somi's fault.

4. [+89, -7] I've never seen fans that boo at a fellow member ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+88, -7] Crazy, they booed Somi? They were saying "Som-roaches" but they're the true roaches. They must be fans of other members then. Let's wait for a year and see who'll be more popular.

6. [+85, -10] I hope ajusshi fans stop calling her God Sejung just because she hit Somi hard.

7. [+80, -10] Somi looks all grown up but she's still a middle school student. What are they doing to a kid?

8. [+72, -6] I went there today and people booed because Somi kept getting questions ㅋㅋ People behind me were shouting names of other members and they were mad that Somi got all the questions ㅋㅋ They were adults, I hope they reflect~

9. [+65, -2] This is why IOI can't last long. The fans are way too divided.

10. [+55, -7] It proves that Somi is doing well.

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