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Searching BTS on Naver results in crossed-out words

If you searched BTS or the members' names on Naver on mobile, this is the result you got:

Naver wiki of BTS

Members' names


Result of 'sugar'

Result of 'BTS Suga'

Articles on BTS

Related searches terms: 
BTS plagiarism, SHINee BTS, BTS, BTS Twitter, BTS Jimin dating, BTS Fire

On-time tweets

Blog posts

SNS posts

More articles on BTS

Naver notice: "Since Thursday May 5, 10:21PM, we had a problem of getting certain results crossed-out. Our staff is currently solving this issue."

It's currently fixed.


Instiz: Naver search mess (feat.BTS)

- Hul, the fans must've been so upset ㅠㅠ

- Why am I getting reminded of learning about HTML...? <S> </S>.... Find strength, Armies

- Is it possible to hack Naver though?

- I hope BTS members didn't see this

- It gives me goosebumps that the members with the same names as other celebrities didn't get crossed out...

- Some fans called Naver and Naver refused to tell the reason ㅋㅋ 

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