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Top 6 groups from small companies?




Block B




Pann: Top 6 groups from small companies

1. [+344, -9] I agree with all of them but where's B2ST?

2. [+326, -10] Where's B2ST though? B2ST is the only group from a small company that won a daesang. They were also the first idol group to get full scores on Music Core and Inkigayo ㅋㅋ B2ST was Cube's breadwinner.

3. [+163, -16] Indeed, they weren't benefited by their companies. Their companies were benefited by them.

4. [+123, -6] When people talk about idols from small companies, don't they usually mention B2ST and B1A4 first?

5. [+104, -7] B2ST, T-ara, and B1A4 are the biggest groups from small companies

6. [+84, -1] Seventeen is doing well but Son Dambi is the one that made Pledis famous. And there's also B2ST, Girl's Day, GFriend, and B1A4.

7. [+71, -0] Isn't it top 5 with Bigbang, B1A4, B2ST, Infinite, and Block B?

8. [+47, -0] Boy group breadwinners are Bigbang, B2ST, Infinite, and B1A4.

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