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Bigbang fans boycott for various reasons

Reasons for boycott:

1) 11 years since debut, but there's been no 3rd full album for 8 years
- It was promised in September 2015 but it's still not released

2) Hectic schedule
- Packed schedule with overseas fanmeets and tours

3) Decreased results & no promotions of Bigbang
- Bigbang's results were under-reported and Bigbang wasn't promoted in the media in any way

4) No consideration for the artists
- Safety issues (Earthquakes / radiation leak in Japan, but they still continued a concert in a nearby area)

5) No action against rumors and false articles
- Tarnishing of Bigbang's imaegt

Demands from fans:

1) Specific plans for Bigbang's full album

2) Improvement in the treatment & promotions for the artists

3) Refraining rash overseas schedule

4) No other YG artists at Bigbang's concerts and fanmeets

(Pann OP also posted a long explanation & proofs of these claims)


Pann: Fandom explodes after 10 years and boycotts

1. [+147, -4] VIPs are saints... How did they take all of this ㅠㅠ I feel bad. I hope they succeed, I'll also sign!!

2. [+128, -3] This is how we're expressing our hurt feelings! Please support us!

3. [+123, -6] Radiation issue is too much

4. [+58, -2] There's a reason why Bigbang fans don't usually get mad at things. Yang Hyun Suk is their biggest anti.

5. [+49, -1] I'm a Winner fan and I know that the reason why Winner was able to do well in YG was the success of sunbae singers along with Winner's own hardwork. I'd like to help with a thankful heart. I'm on a computer right now and I can't seem to sign, I'll try on my phone later. We got a teaser with a date on it after we did our boycott. YG got to work when they realized that they weren't getting money from fans. Don't give up! I know that a boycott isn't easily decided, that's why I want to cheer harder. Of course, we're not at the position to be cheering since our plans are also delayed... But I'm sure you guys suffered harder than us. There must've been more messes since you guys were with the CEO longer. I'll definitely sign for it, hope you succeed!

6. [+46, -0] Big 3 = SM, JYP, Bigbang. Hyun Suk-ah, wake up. Do you want to stop being a CEO and go home?

7. [+45, -0] Bigbang sold out a concert hall in Australia and they even had an additional concert ㅋㅋ Only fans know about Bigbang's career, fuck.

8. [+44, -1] Wow, I was scared when Winner fans were boycotting because they were known to not get upset. I was shocked at YG messes and understood why they were boycotting. But Bigbang's case is actually worse ㅋㅋㅋㅋ YG likes survivals, are their fandoms doing survivals, too? Survival of who's holding back longer?

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