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Monster rookies

SHINee (Replay)

CNBLUE (Loner)

Winner (Empty)

FT Island (Love Sick)

2PM (10 out of 10)

iKON (My Type)


Pann: Who do you think is a monster rookie?

1. [+254, -20] SHINee's Replay is legendary. It was #28 on an annual Melon chart in 2008. They also won grand slam for rookie awards.

2. [+226, -57] It's too hard to pick one. SHINee, CNBLUE, iKON, and FT Island.

3. [+146, -28] CNBLUE's Loner was really amazing

4. [+108, -42] What Seventeen ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look how these fans are trying to put them on the same level. Their digital sales aren't even good, what monster rookie? Did they even #1 with that song?

5. [+98, -91] I think Seventeen is also a monster rookie. Not just the results, but the overall quality is good enough to be called a monster rookie. Seventeen fans are really nice.

6. [+81, -3] Miss A, CNBLUE, SHINee, and iKON. Didn't Miss A win a daesang even before winning a rookie award?

7. [+72, -13] iKON! Isn't it a first grand slam in 10 years after SHINee? It's confirmed on Gaon chart.

8. [+68, -53] I never consider iKON as a monster rookie but the TV shows always call them by that. I think it's brainwashing people ㅋㅋㅋ

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