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Kang Dong Won says he hates booking culture at clubs

Booking: Groups of men and women meeting in a club and drinking together. It's arranged by club waiters and it often leads to one night stands or messy relationships.

"The scene was necessary for the flow of the film but it was honestly really hard. It's awkward enough to dance in front of people, but the atmosphere was worse because it wasn't funny. So I tried harder to make it better. I also practiced a lot. I don't like loud stuff so I don't go to clubs. I especially hate booking culture so much. How does it make sense for people to be dragged by hands? If it happens in a foreign country, they can be sued."


Pann: Kang Dong Won who hates booking culture at clubs

1. [+52, -1] Wow he's so perfect... I want to be the only mistake of his life

2. [+22, -1] Oh... Kang Dong Won's cool... He also has good thoughts

3. [+18, -5] It's always ugly people that go to clubs ㅋㅋ Real beauties and handsome guys don't go to places like that.

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