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Is Rap Monster considered ugly?

Pann: Is Rap Monster considered ugly?

1. [+513, -320] He's ugly

2. [+362, -83] It depends on personal preferences. His face gets a lot of mixed opinions.

3. [+327, -131] It's not weird to think he's handsome. I became a fan of BTS because of Rapmon's dimples... They don't respect my taste.

4. [+257, -140] Hul, I'm also one ㅋㅋ I honestly don't understand why people find him ugly

5. [+222, -126] He's ugly no matter how I look at him. I don't understand those that keep claiming that he's not ugly.

6. [+182, -45] He's ugly objectively. Only fans find him handsome because they're fans.

7. [+172, -100] How many times do we have to say this? He's ugly.

8. [+136, -94] If he was a non-celebrity with that face, no girls would've paid attention to him. Same goes to Suga.

9. [+133, -146] Isn't he good-looking for a non-celebrity? He also has great proportions.

10. [+124, -75] Rapmon is not typically handsome but he's very charming and some find his face likeable.

11. [+110, -142] You're shameless if you call him fugly

12. [+96, -28] He's ugly to me

13. [+87, -101] Look at yourself in the mirror before calling him fugly. You're hopeless.

14. [+86, -13] It's personal preferences. He's ugly.

15. [+82, -59] He's really ugly

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