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Who'd be the best beauty in Korea in history?

Jung Yoon Hee

Hwang Shin Hye

Lee Young Ae

Park Joomi

Kim Hee Sun

Kim Tae Hee

Jun Ji Hyun

Han Jimin

Song Hye Kyo

Han Gain

Son Ye Jin


Pann: Who'd be the best beauty in Korea in history?

1. [+679, -68] Lee Young Ae

2. [+412, -106] Kim Tae Hee

3. [+262, -78] Kim Tae Hee has the best facial features

4. [+129, -13] The four best beauties - Lee Young Ae, Kim Tae Hee, Jun Ji Hyun, Han Gain

5. [+106, -10] Kim Tae Hee for facial features, but Lee Young Ae is the best Korean beauty. She's the definition of Korean beauty.

6. [+100, -11] Kim Tae Hee. She's the first person that comes to my mind when I think of Korea's representative beauty. Others are also pretty but Kim Tae Hee has perfect proportions for facial features and her overall face. It's even hard to have someone like her again ㅠㅠ She was on a Japanese show in this gif and her beauty is insane.

7. [+90, -54] Personally this person

8. [+80, -12] Ah... they're all pretty but Kim Tae Hee the first person to think of when I see Korea's natural beauties. Kim Tae Hee for me.

9. [+77, -145] Han Jimin is not at the level to be included in this.

10. [+76, -37] Jun Ji Hyun

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