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Dramas & film that Kim Hee Sun rejected

Autumn in My Heart (2000)
Final cast: Song Hye Kyo
Ratings: 42.3%
With this drama, Song Hye Kyo became a lead-level actress.

Guardian Angel (2001)
Final cast: Song Hye Kyo
Ratings: 31.8%

Winter Sonata (2002)
Final cast: Choi Jiwoo
Ratings: 28.8%
The ratings were so-so in Korea, but it hit big in Japan. It earned a lot of yen and made Choi Jiwoo a top actress, who was constantly controversial for her poor acting.

Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002)
Final cast: Jang Nara
Ratings: 42.6%
It made 2002 'Jang Nara's year'

All-in (2003)
Final cast: Song Hye Kyo
Ratings: 47.7%
Choi Wan Gyu writer's hit work. It made Song Hye Kyo a top actress. After All-in, she maintained her status with Full House (2004). Kim Hee Sun rejected All-in and chose a film 'A Man Who Went to Mars'

Phoenix (2004)
Final cast: Lee Eun Joo
Ratings: 31.4%
Lee Eun Joo was known as a film actress and it was her drama comeback. This drama is where the legendary line "Don't you smell something burning? My heart is burning." came from.

Lovers in Paris (2004)
Final Cast: Kim Jung Eun
Ratings: 57.4%
Kim Jung Eun was struggling to have another representative work after 'Marrying the Mafia'. She starred in 'Lovers in Paris' and got an easy going image. Rookie writer Kim Eun Sook also became famous.

I'm Sorry, I Love You (2004)
Final cast: Im Soo Jung
Ratings: 29.2%
It was very popular in real life. Im Soo Jung's sweater in the poster and the OST 'Snow Flower' hit big. Im Soo Jung was a sub-level actress, and she went up to a lead-level. Kim Hee Sun rejected this drama and chose 'Sad Love Story'.

My Girl (2005)
Final cast: Lee Dahye
Ratings: 24.6%
Lee Dahye had an old image after her representative drama, but with 'My Girl', she got a bright image. Kim Hee Sun rejected this drama and chose 'Smile Again'.

200 Pounds Beauty (2006)
Final cast: Kim Ah Joong
6.661M viewers (19th of the most watched film in Korea)
Kim Ah Joong was a rookie actress and she boosted up to a lead-level actress


Pann: Works that Kim Hee Jun rejected

1. [+39, -2] They succeeded because Kim Hee Sun didn't do them

2. [+19, -0] Im Soo Jung suits on I'm Sorry I Love You

3. [+14, -0] At that time, Kim Hee Sun's acting was always controversial. She only suited romantic comedy. If she did I'm Sorry I Love You, it would've flopped. Her acting is still not great but it got much better after she got married. Angry Mom was a good choice.

4. [+12, -0] At this rate, it's not about her bad luck. Her acting is the problem.

5. [+6, -0] They did well because those actresses did the roles

6. [+3, -0] I heard that a lot of actresses rejected 200 Pounds Beauty because it's about plastic surgery

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