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Song Mino's gynecologist lyrics are still affecting people?

Short cartoon:
1) "My period cramps are killing me! The pills don't work. Should I go to the hospital?"
2) "But if I go to the hospital..."
3) Mino: "Spread your legs like you're at the gynecologist!"
4) "Never mind..."

"The reason why Song Mino's lyrics are negatively affecting people is because getting checked at the gynecologist is something that people must do but they will be repulsed and disgusted. Women will feel gross when they visit the gynecologist, this is the problem."

"Because of his shallow-mind that thinks "spread your legs like you're at the gynecologist", women will hesitate to go to the gynecologist. We were just starting get past the era where women avoided going to the gynecologist despite many diseases. Ignorant hip-hop loser..."

Netizens criticized and said, "what does he think a gynecologist is?" "is hip-hop an excuse for everything?" "Song Mino must've been born from an egg" "he's no different from Black Nut." On the other hand, some defended, "it's just a hip-hop culture" "respect his freedom of expression."

"Although fans are considered as the lowest class, they'll remember every moment of their bias being happy and thankful and it'll make their hardships go away. I can't imagine my child expressing me as a 'woman who spreads her legs."


Pann: Song Mino-ssi, please visit the gynecologist!!!!!

1. [+893, -50] Let me ask Song Mino fans. Don't you feel any humiliation as a woman?

2. [+760, -131] It's pathetic how fans are like, "why are you talking about something that happened months ago, tsk tsk". On the first round, Song Mino randomly rapped, "my name is fire charisma Mino." Song Mino also made fun of his sunbae's freestyle rap which is from <7 years ago>.

3. [+629, -39] This is a misogynistic statement is because these days, guys are like, "fucking Korea girls spread their legs to handsome guys and say fuck you to ugly guys." Song Mino's rap lyrics are, "After I lost weight, I became a winning lottery from a pig. Mino targets your daughter. Spread your legs like you're at the gynecologist." He means that after he lost weight, girls spread their legs to him. His apology was also pathetic. He posted an effortless apology on Facebook. After the medical association demanded a proper apology, he unofficially apologized to the association and not to the public.

4. [+272, -8] Fangirls say, "Our oppa is a nice person! Don't judge him by the gynecologist statement, watch other shows!" Well, did you judge Kim Hyun Joong and Go Young Wook properly when they were on WGM and sitcoms? The fans never even talked to Song Mino in person ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+264, -7] From all idol controversies that happened, I hate this one the most. I don't care if idols drank or smoke when they were students but I seriously hate the gynecologist statement. I'm okay with most idol scandals but this one is disgusting. It's interesting that he still has fans.

6. [+189, -6] Do you really want to be a fan of him after listening to that gynecologist statement? The lyrics are disgusting. I hope Song Mino visits a urologist.

7. [+175, -12] Honestly, as a woman, this controversy is more disgusting than IU's controversy

8. [+148, -2] None of his fellow artists shielded him and the medical association got pissed off and demanded a sincere apology ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+140, -4] Teasing Minho with "fire charisma Minho"... Shawols are such saints

10. [+123, -3] The pathetic fans are still stanning him

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