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What's your interest?

Pann: My interest is home interior. What's yours?

1. [+106, -92] Tokyo Ghoul! My love Kaneki <3

2. [+96, -3] Coloring

3. [+91, -0] I like putting makeup on but I'm bad at it. It's my concern.

4. [+45, -1] Eating

5. [+38, -2] My life can be divided into two - before and after stanning

6. [+38, -11] Cheese in the Trap

7. [+31, -0] I might sound ridiculous but I like studying ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Whenever I had a question, my older brother always gave me the answers and I was inspired by him. My dream is to become a walking encyclopedia. This is how I do it. When I get curious about clouds, I look up on the kinds of clouds, forms, heights, and components. I organize the info and write them on paper. I made books on dolphins, atoms, Riemann Hypothesis, earth, Einstein, muscles, taylor series, Banach-Tarski paradox, poop, gene, and etc. I made 14 books and titled them as 'My Useless Curiousity'. I started it in grade 5 and I'm in grade 11. I already know about most of the stuff on the textbooks so I only have to study little to get good grades. I study English at an academy for alternative method. When I feel proud of myself, I read my books to my Rilakkuma doll.

8. [+30, -0] Korean history.... I love it. This is the only thing I know well and I like.

9. [+25, -1] Anime

10. [+21, -1] Collecting nail polish! My hobby is nail art so I buy new colors and rare ones when they're on sale. I think I have more than a hundred. I still haven't used some of them. Everytime I see a new one, I have to buy it.

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