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Actor Kwak Siyang's controversial past on a dating show

Kwak Siyang starred on a survival dating show

Q: "Who do you think is the biggest player here?"

(everybody points at Kwak Siyang)

KSY: "It's true in some ways. Before I graduated high school, I was a big player. After I found my path in life, I stopped wanting to cheat."

Q: "How many girls have you dated?"

KSY: "More than a dish! About 100."

"So you dated many girls at once..."

KSY: (to a female cast) "How was your first sex?"

Kwak Siyang has skinship with a female cast

They end up lying on the same bed


Pann: WGM Kwak Siyang's past

1. [+683, -8] Wow, celebrities are all about their image... He cleaned his image by Oh My Ghost and WGM. Look at his cheap words that describe women as a 'dish'. I can see his class.

2. [+581, -5] Gross, he's on WGM? Is he shameless? He basically showed his trashy self on a TV show and didn't expect people to find out?

3. [+526, -8] I wonder what Kim So Yeon thinks as she reads this

4. [+182, -0] Wow ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He cried at Kim So Yeon's propose on WGM, was it all acting then? You can never tell the truth of people.

5. [+179, -1] I also found it funny when Kwak Siyang acted like he didn't have many dating experiences on WGM ㅋㅋㅋ Men also act fake.

6. [+142, -0] I found him likeable because he's tall and handsome but this is so gross. I looked him up and he said more cheap things. I thought he was an innocent handsome guy. He cleaned his image well. If I was Kim So Yeon, I'd be so embarrassed to think that I was fooled by him.

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