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(Spoilers) Reply 1988 comes to an end + Irene auditioned for Deoksun role?

Pann: Come if you supported Junghwan on Reply

1. [+817, -270] The reason why the writer has to get criticized for this Reply series is not because Taek is the husband. Why do you think people said, "the husband is Ryu Jun Yeol for sure"? The writer portrayed Junghwan as if he's the husband. The female leads in other Reply series weren't like Deoksun who likes all of Sunwoo, Junghwan, and Taek. The male leads were clear in other series and there were clear relationships between the male and female leads. But this Reply series is only fooling the viewers. They kept dragging the drama and ended the emotions at once. Only a kiss was needed for the female lead to make up her mind? Lacking desperation? Because it's 19th episode? No one would've cared if they convinced enough that Taek would be the husband. The staff enjoyed husband hunting too much and forgot about the probabilities. There's a reason why this Reply series is controversial unlike previous ones.

2. [+395, -418] People hate on the writer way too much ㅋㅋ

3. [+316, -18] I supported Junghwan but I'm not mad at him not being the husband. I hate how they made him a loser. In the beginning, everybody was sure that he was the husband and he was so popular. But then he built a wall and didn't even confess because of his friendship with Taek. I'm just so mad at how his character is someone pitiful. Are other Junghwan fans mad because he's not the husband? I thought they were mad for the same reason...

4. [+182, -26] The husband is Taek and the male lead is Junghwan

5. [+153, -157] I'm so pissed off. Junghwan fans are being mad because he's not the husband. So they want him to die if he's not the husband? They should stop


Pann: I heard that Irene also auditioned for Reply 1988

1. [+167, -3] I can't imagine Irene saying, "aigo Kim boss"

2. [+149, -16] Deoksun has to be Hyeri... Not everyone can pull of the short hair. Also, Irene's looks are too fancy for the 80's.
- [+53, -1] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hyeri's unintended loss

3. [+137, -37] It really doesn't match, Irene could've ruined the drama. I love Red Velvet but I don't think Irene suits acting. Hyeri was unexpectedly good and she suited the character.

4. [+57, -2] Irene looks like a daughter from a rich family, she doesn't look like Deoksun

5. [+35, -1] It's a lie

6. [+29, -0] Irene's Reply audition is made up by an i-roach

7. [+27, -1] Hyeri doesn't look awkward when she's acting funny but Irene would look so awkward. Irene's image is an urban girl.

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