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Paparazzi's failed moments with TVXQ

2011, Paris

TVXQ were models for Lacoste and they went to Paris to do a photo shoot. Dispatch followed them to Paris. After the photo shoot ended, TVXQ walked around the streets of Paris in their pictorial outfits. 

Dispatch did not catch anything else and came back to Korea with another photo shoot they did. At first, fans were excited because they thought it was a photo shoot TVXQ did with Dispatch. They were flustered when they found out that it was paparazzi photos.

2012, Yunho's birthday

Since years ago, Yunho was known as one of the top 5 celebrities that paparazzi chases after. They follow Yunho when it's a special day. Dispatch followed Yunho on his birthday, but all they got was Yunho buying pork stew to sasaengs that were waiting outside.

Actual article: "His love for fans was different. He was very kind and well-mannered. He was comfortable unlike an idol. His newly dyed hair suited him. Dispatch will cheer for you."

2012, Hong Kong

Dispatch followed TVXQ to an event in Hong Kong. They followed TVXQ after the event, but all they got was TVXQ eating dinner at 1AM.

Actual article: "Wherever they went, they were followed by hundreds of fans. It didn't matter when it was 1AM. They followed the "oppars" to everywhere, including the airport, concert hall, restaurant, hotel, except men's bathroom."

Just like this, Korea's paparazzi Dispatch failed all the time.


Japanese paparazzi:

2010, Changmin's scandal

Japanese magazine 'Friday' reported Changmin's dating news as exclusive. They said, "he's watching a concert with a woman at VIP seats." But the long-haired woman was SHINee Minho. It became the forever joke of Friday and is still mentioned.

2015, Japanese paparazzi for 3 days

Japanese magazine followed TVXQ for 3 days. But TVXQ's schedule was:

1st day: Home-Practice-Home
2nd day: Home-Practice-Home
3rd day: Home-Practice-Home

The paparazzi waited and waited but TVXQ never came out of their practice room. All that came was delivery foods. What they found from those 3 days is that TVXQ's house in Tokyo was $400 a month with 2 rooms, a kitchen, and a living room. They're together for 24 hours. Yunho calls Changmin as "Chwang" or "Changdol". Changmin goes to a convenience store at late night and buys Yunho's stuff. Changmin wore Yunho's shirt by mistake. Changmin lets Yunho get in the car first.


Instiz: Idols that Dispatch and paparazzi gave up on

- Before TVXQ separated, Japanese paparazzi followed them but all they did was going to a ramen restaurant. They reported, "TVXQ went to a ramen restaurant!"

- I expected to see Lee Joon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Why does he treat the sasaengs though?

- The Paris one is such a legendary photo shoot ㅋㅋㅋ

- Buying pork stew to sasaengs? Is he a rebirth of the Buddha?

- I like how both of them are so close ㅋㅋ

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