K-pop, Korean entertainment/culture, Korean fans/netizens [2014~]

Preferred beauties of Korea, China, and Japan


Big facial features and fancy-looking faces



Weak, girly, and exotic-looking faces



Plain faces with good balance (some people find it too plain)


Instiz: Comparing preferred beauties of Korea, China, and Japan by idols

- Korea likes standard prettiness

- I think Tzuyu is a Korean-styled beauty though? They should put Fan Bingbing instead of Tzuyu

- This is why Seolhyun and Suzy look so pretty when they're wearing hanbok ㅠㅠ

- A lot of Japanese people are actually mixed

- China likes fanciness, Japan likes innocence, and Korea likes brightness

- I think the China one should have much bigger eyes and sharp nose. China seems to like very strong facial features with sharp chin.

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