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GFriend's new song 'Rough' gains many listeners on Melon

First listeners on Melon were 33K.
Girl groups that exceeded 30K are only Apink, SNSD, F(x), and IU.
Boy groups are BTS, BTOB, and B2ST.


Pann: The reason why GFriend's #2 rank on the chart is shocking

1. [+224, -12] I think it's because the public listens to them rather than their fandom power. GFriend's songs are all public-friendly and good.

2. [+120, -132] Excuse me, Sistar and Wonder Girls also exceeded 30K ㅋㅋ You're talking as if it's an amazing achievement. Are you a fan? I admit they're a top rookie group though.

3. [+100, -22] I don't think we can compare them to boy groups because boy groups have more fans. GFriend is very issued for a rookie group.

4. [+52, -15] Honestly, they have the best song from rookies. Twice and GFriend are top rookies. In a few years, it'll be Twice vs Red Velvet vs GFriend.

5. [+44, -2] GFriend picks good songs. I think people listen to them because their releases were all good.

6. [+25, -5] The song is good and the choreography looked amazing in the music video. I can't wait to see the performance on a music show.

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