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Do you have study tips?

Pann: Do you have study tips?

1. [+178, -23] I never make separate notes on wrong answers. It takes more time. It's much better to spend the time to read the questions instead. I also don't make summary notes until I can memorize and write an entire textbook on 2~3 sheets of paper. Summarizing takes too much time. If you can read a whole textbook in an hour, you don't need to make summary notes.

2. [+152, -3] I think determination is the most important thing. When I have a hard time, I write down the things I want to do and study. It makes me so happy and studying doesn't feel hard at all.

3. [+76, -2] It's a bit childish but I explain the materials to dolls. It's good to explain the materials when you're studying for subjects like history and Korean as if you're the teacher and the dolls are the students. But I use dog dolls because human dolls are a bit scary...

4. [+46, -0] When I study, I summarize every subject. Summarizing is also studying. Studying without summarizing makes a huge difference in grades. For subjects like history, you have to be the person and understand the situation. For example, when I'm studying about King Gongmin, I go, "this motherfucker Mongol, how should I kick them out of the country? Should I fuck up these Mongolians' customs?" I can then memorize it instantly.

5. [+41, -3] For subjects that require memorization, it's 100 times better to read than to write

6. [+33, -2] My unnie got into a top 3 university and is working at a major company! I'm following my sister's methods and I'm always a top 5 student. My sister didn't attend academies because they were stressing her out. I think it made her study harder. For math, I do multiple workbooks and I'm always a top student for math. When I do a workbook, I do the questions on separate notes and use the same workbook for 3 times. It saves money and I can do more questions. For Korean, I read books a lot and study grammar from my teacher and my unnie. I also look up and add my own info. For history and society, instead of pure memorization, I read books that are related to the materials. My sister hated science so she studied it harder. She always went for extra help. For English, I listen to listening test audios instead of English songs. My sister studied grammar on EBS and on the Internet and made a vocabulary book. She analyzed every sentence and read the texts. Her English is excellent. She won a lot of awards at school and got a perfect score on entrance exams. My sister is really stubborn. Like I said, I'm following my sister's methods and I'm always in top 5, I think it can't go wrong. Of course, determination is the most important! I think nothing is more important than setting a goal before studying. Let's study hard and achieve our dreams!

7. [+28, -0] Nothing's impossible with determination...

8. [+20, -0] I study with tuition receipts posted on the wall. When I want to take a break, I look at the receipts and freak out.

9. [+20, -0] I'm a fan of EXO Suho. In last year, I put a full size picture of Suho beside me and explained math to him. I studied as if I was studying with my favorite celebrity. Whenever I was doing an assignment, I'd go, "Joonmyun-ah!" and explained the stuff. My mom did say I was pathetic for a university student...

10. [+20, -0] There's no specific answer because it depends on the person, but this is how I studied in high school. When I was entering high school, my grades were hitting the bottom. But my grades on university entrance exams were 0.1% nationwide for liberal arts students and I got into a top 3 university. It's a long time ago, though ㅋㅋ My opinion is unpopular... I'm against 'study plans'. I'm especially not fond of making a time schedule to study. If you make a schedule, you're forced to study a subject that you don't want to. It decreases your study quality and you can't even focus. If you set up specific time, you could face into problems. What if you get stuck and run out of time? You'll end up skimming the other materials or skip entirely... If you keep delaying it like that, you'll only be stressed with the schedule. Being stressed doesn't make your study efficient. My tip is to pick a subject that you want to study for the day, and study until you're satisfied. The whole plan is just 'studying this subject' and it doesn't have any specific requirements. Yesterday, English was fun. Today, math is tempting... It differs everyday. Studying what you want to study is the most efficient way. Instead of planning a heavy load, just study until you completely understand the material and get satisfied. Effortless studying will result in bad grades. I read accounts of top students and a lot of them studied in the same way I did. At the end, I got into a university I wanted after studying like this. Even after years, my name was still mentioned in my high school. Another thing to show off is that I didn't spend any other money for studying in high school ㅋㅋ It's an old story but I still work in this way at my work. Hope it helps.

11. [+20, -1] Nothing matters, determination to study is the best one. You have to turn off your phone and think, "if I don't finish this workbook, I won't eat dinner and I'll be the biggest idiot in the world." Taking a break? It's the biggest bullshit. It's fighting yourself when you're starting to struggle. Your body has to win your mentality. The most important thing is not to leave your desk even if you're bored.

12. [+12, -0] I know a TVXQ fan. At a fansign, Yunho said to her, "study hard~" She got into Seoul University ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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