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Food that others eat but you can't

Pann: Food that others eat but you can't?

1. [+331, -34] Marsh mellow... I really hate the softness

2. [+271, -10] Oysters... Don't oysters get strongly divided opinions?

3. [+244, -6] I want to be friends with these people ㅋㅋㅋㅋ My lunch time will be so much fun

4. [+201, -12] I like everything ^^ Oink oink oink oink

5. [+171, -8] Cheese. I'm okay with cheese on pizza but I just can't eat cheese on its own.

6. [+152, -10] I really hate pineapples on pizza because it tastes so warm ㅠㅠ Pineapples taste good when it's cold.

7. [+141, -4] Beans in rice. If I eat one by mistake, I spit it out. I really hate it.

8. [+127, -5] Liver, ox blood soup, omasum

9. [+120, -4] Pupae... I can't eat pupae. It makes me want to throw up when I see someone eating them. Aren't they larvae before becoming butterflies?

10. [+105, -] Mocha bread is my favorite bread but I seriously hate the raisins in it. If I eat it by mistake, I have to spit it out and it ruins my mood. I have a bakery that I always go to and they make a mocha bread without raisins for me, so I go there only.

11. [+100, -5] When I was young, I only ate the chicken skin instead of the meat. But now I hate chicken skin.

12. [+71, -36] Pigs' feet... I don't like the mushy feeling of it.

13. [+60, -15] Mango. Those that like mango eat a lot but it makes me want to vomit.

14. [+31, -1] Tomatoes. The taste is just weird and I can't eat them. But I love ketchup ㅋㅋ

15. [+29, -7] Carbonara or cheese balls. Too bland.

16. [+29, -3] Mayonese

17. [+28, -2] Sashimi ㅠㅠ I've never eaten sashimi in my life. I also hate sushi.

18. [+23, -6] Beef jerky... I can't eat it because it look like a mummy...

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