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Sistar's Shake It vs AOA's Heart Attack

Pann says when AOA won #1, Hyorin left the stage even before the closing comment


Pann: Hyorin gets pissed off when the winner is announced

1. [+343, -150] Is Heart Attack a good song though? I'm not a fan or an anti of AOA, I'm a non-fan. The song's name 'Heart Attack' sounds cringe-worthy (tn: the song's name is an Internet slang in Korean) but let's not care about that because I think the name shouldn't matter ㅋㅋ But the song is really so-so. I prefer Sistar's song. I'm not a Sistar fan and I only know Hyorin and Dasom but Sistar's song is much better.

2. [+223, -145] AOA's song is good, though. I didn't like it at first but it grew on me. It's a good song except that it's a bit loud.

3. [+197, -91] I like Heart Attack, it's catchy. I also like Shake it ㅋㅋ I didn't like it at first but I kept thinking of the "shimkoonghae~" part.

4. [+148, -5] Whatever, Mamamoo's song is the best!!!!!!!

5. [+131, -26] Sistar's song is worse than their previous songs but Heart Attack is worse than Sistar's song

6. [+106, -23] People around me all say Sistar's song is a flop ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Both songs are so-so but Sistar is worse. They were on their peak until I Swear.

7. [+102, -10] When the scores were announced, she clapped with a smile and left after the closing comment. Why are you saying that she left before? She left after. And some idols left before Hyorin.


8. [+95, -7] AOA's song is worse than Miniskirt and Like a Cat but the chorus is really catchy

9. [+88, -19] I'm non-fan but I honestly prefer AOA's song. The concept and the song are good. I actually don't like Sistar's song no matter how much I listen.

10. [+84, -5] Maybe she needed to take a dump

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