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Sam Hammington negatively tweets on Vernon passing Show Me The Money 4

Sam Hammington:

"It's so unfair how Vernon passed Show Me The Money 4... Even my mom could rap as well as him."


Instiz: Sam Hammington's tweet that will hurt fans' minds

- Isn't it the truth? I made a face when I was watching it. If he does well on the third round, there will be positive accounts

- It's true that Vernon did poorly but that's not a criticism, that's making fun of someone...

- How is he making fun of someone? Vernon was bad enough to get responses like that

- I feel bad for Vernon because he seems to have weak mentality. He didn't seem to have shown his full talent. I also didn't understand why he passed. The show has gotten too lax

- I think he could leave a bitter response as a viewer. It's not like everybody thinks Vernon did well

- I know that Sam is a hip-hop stan but it's ironic how he's able to criticize openly when he's an entertainer promoting in Korea

- I like Vernon but Sam's tweet made me laugh ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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