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What if all SM and SM C&C celebrities withdraw from broadcast?

(Excluding CFs, dramas, and movies)

Music Bank - Irene
Cool Kiz on the Block - Kang Ho Dong, Yuri
Immortal Song - Shin Dong Yup
Hello Counselor - Shin Dong Yup
A Song For You 4 - Kangin, Amber

I Live Alone - Jun Hyun Moo
We Got Married - Kang Ye Won, Joy
Radio Star - Kyuhyun
Show Music Core - Minho, Yeri
Quiz To Change The World - Shin Dong Yup

Star King - Kang Ho Dong, Leeteuk
Law of the Jungle - Kim Byung Man
Changup Star - Jun Hyun Moo
Animal Farm - Shin dong Yup

Problematic Man - Jun Hyun Moo
Abnormal Summit - Jun Hyun Moo, Zhang Yuan, Yuta
Where Is My Friend's Home - Zhang Yuan
Wednesday Food Talk - Shin Dong Yup, Jun Hyun Moo
SNL - Shin Dong Yup
Witch Hunt - Shin Dong Yup
What To Eat Today? - Shin Dong Yup
Brave Journalists - Shin Dong Yup, Kim Tae Hyun
The Show - Zhoumi
M Countdown - Key
Heart Attack - Tiffany
White Swan - Leeteuk
Enter-K - Ryeowook
죽방전설 - Lee Soo Geuk, Jang Dong Hyuk
Hyoyeon's Million Likes - Hyoyeon
Always Cantare - Henry
Maps - Kim Hee Chul, Yuri
Channel SNSD - SNSD

Blue Night - Jonghyun
FM Date - Sunny
Good Morning FM Jun Hyun Moo - Jun Hyun Moo
Sukira - Ryeowook

Total of 46 spots will be available except SNSD's reality show
If CFs, dramas, and movies are included, minimum of 60 spots available.


Instiz: What if all SM and SM C&C celebrities withdraw from broadcast?

- Dong Yup God has so many

- The music shows are all dominated by SM except Inkigayo ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- They're big indeed

- If they all withdraw, JYJ will have a chance to be on the broadcast...

- I really hate their package deals

- This is why the broadcast stations have to obey SM...

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