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Thoughts on idols' acting

Pann: What are your thoughts on idols' acting

1. [+246, -6] The OP asked you to comment on idols' acting, they didn't ask you to compare DO and Siwan, you idiots

2. [+145, -22] It's OK if they do as well as Siwan and Yoochun. Actors sing, why can't singers act?

3. [+127, -175] There are people who put DO on the same level as Siwan. Why? Their levels are different

4. [+68, -4] No need to mention Siwan, Lee Joon, and Eunji. I think IU, DO, Sunhwa, and Doojoon are decent. I'm impressed with Sungjae on Who Are You. I think he'd be really good if he gets more experience

5. [+53, -52] Siwan > DO. DO still lacks

6. [+53, -0] I don't mind if they're good at acting. But I hate how they take big roles when they can't even act. If they can't act, then they should start from small roles

7. [+43, -1] I'm enjoying Let's Eat so much, so Doojoon is good. DO, Siwan, and TOP are very good, too. I hope they do more acting promotions

8. [+42, -24] Why are you guys bullshitting about DO ㅋㅋ DO only acted twice and Siwan has more experiences. Of course there's a difference

9. [+37, -1] These days, model-turned-actors are worse. Idols get hate when they take big roles, at least. But models get a pass

10. [+28, -24] It's OK as long as they're good as DO and Siwan

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