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[SIXTEEN] Da Hyun as 'second Sohee'

Pann: Stan-attractor who will follow after Sohee


1. [+92, -16] Hul, is she the famous church eagle girl? So charming ㅋㅋ

2. [+77, -9] JYP likes people that look like Sohee. They're all cat-faced

3. [+71, -20] Her smile makes me fall for her ㅠㅠ


4. [+33, -6] Im Na Yeon is dislikeable. Her personalities are unpleasant and she's mean. Da Hyun will be the most popular one

5. [+27, -11] I became a fan of her as soon as I saw her in GOT7's music video ㅠㅠ And she turned out to be the church eagle girl ㅋㅋ So charming. Please debut, Da Hyun <3


6. [+26, -10] I became a fan when I messaged on LINE ㅠㅠ People fall for Da Hyun like this


7. [+23, -6] She does give off Sohee vibes! But Sohee! <3


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