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Ten idols who really can't sing

Pann: Ten idols who really can't sing

Apink Naeun

Girl's Day Hyeri

SNSD Yoona

Dal Shaebet Ah Young

Infinite Sungjong

B1A4 Gongchan

4Minute Jihyun

GFriend Umji

T-ara Boram

AOA Seolhyun


1. [+315, -213] I'm EXO-L but where's Sehun? Honestly, even us fans admit that Sehun can't sing

2. [+262, -115] I think you should take Infinite and B1A4 out. They're decent

3. [+168, -164] Sungjong? Yeah he doesn't have many parts but he's in a subunit called Infinite F. You can't enter Woollim unless you're talented or hard-working. Sungjong worked very hard and he now has many parts. He dances hard but still sings live. Most people bring old videos of Sungjong to criticize him but Sungjong's puberty ended during Paradise promotions. Since then, Sungjong was a stable vocalist. I like his voice so much. In an interview, Sweet Tune said that when they compose Infinite's songs, Sungjong's parts are 'pretty' lines which a girl would suit. So in most Infinite's songs, Sungjong's parts have strong vibes. His voice is not powerful but his voice and singing have unique vibes. Sungjong is definitely needed in Infinite's songs. And don't bash Sungjong if you don't know anything. Sungjong has everything, including personalities, looks, hard-work, voice, height, fan love, etc. You can't bash him

4. [+92, -18] Take Naeun, Yoona, Gongchan, and Sungjong out ㅋㅋ They can sing their parts at least. A plenty of other idols are worse than them

5. [+88, -24] I think Naeun, Sungjong, and Gongchan are decent. In MR removed versions, Hyeri's voice can't be heard at all. They're not as bad as her

6. [+87, -55] I think Naeun is the best singer among those female idols

7. [+78, -12] You put Gongchan and Sungjong but you didn't put Sehun? Sehun is called a vocalist and a rapper, what exactly is he in charge of???

8. [+71, -18] I don't think Naeun, Yoona, Sungjong, and Gongchan are that bad

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