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Sexy concept overload from idols

Pann: Current entertainment industry is like sexual business

1. [+256, -9] It's because there are way too many idols. Unless they strip, people don't pay attention and don't even know their names. So they choose to get hate and strip to be on TV. Before, idol groups sang with lollipops, did palm tree hairstyle, and had unique aspects but I don't think a new concept can be formed anymore

2. [+219, -9] In the future, they're gonna end up being fully naked in music videos

3. [+210, -106] I like the past ㅋㅋ SNSD's concept was female warriors, Apink as innocent girls, Girl's Day as cute, and Hyuna was the only sexy idol. But now, everybody is all for sexy


4. [+122, -6] Up & Down dance is obviously intending in that way but it's so popular. The solution is sexy concept in this world

5. [+106, -78] This is why I stan SM. From what I remember, SM never pulled a sexy concept with female idols. SM knows sexy concept has limits

6. [+105, -2] Wonder Girls vs SNSD was really fun. SNSD was girly and Wonder Girls was like cool unnies ㅋㅋ

7. [+105, -4] But many rookie groups are not doing sexy concept these days because there are too many sexy concepts

8. [+88, -3] I like how recent rookie girl groups are not doing sexy concept. Mamamoo, Lovelyz, and CLC all did well. I want them to show that sexy concept is not the only way to succeed

9. [+81, -12] At least, I like how SM, YG, and JYP idols don't do such sexy concept

10. [+81, -3] Sexy concept can get a group popular if they're talented with charms. But if a nugu and untalented group strips, it'll only ruin their image

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