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Boy group prides

Pann: Boy group prides

TVXQ - fandom pride
Bigbang - Bigbang pride
SHINee - live pride, performance pride
B2ST - live pride, harmony pride
VIXX - concept pride
EXO - daesang pride, Gymnastics Arena concert pride
BTOB - self-composed music pride, cover pride
Infinite - synchronized choreo pride, personality pride, company pride
B1A4 - Sandeul pride, personality pride
Winner - digital pride, live pride, singing pride
CNBLUE - visual pride, self-composed music pride


1. [+164, -14] I think Bigbang, Winner, B2ST, Block B, and B1A4 should also have self-composed music pride, not just BTOB ㅋㅋ They all do well with self-composed songs

2. [+123, -42] Voice pride for Winner. From low-tone to high-tone, rock, hip-hop, and ballad. I love the teamwork between the vocals and rappers

3. [+87, -30] BTOB's cover pride ㅋㅋ They did the most covers among idols and they're also good

4. [+82, -46] Isn't B2ST the best in terms of personality pride? They have no controversies or issues

5. [+64, -22] Infinite's live pride... Infinite's year-end performances ㅠㅠ My ears were so refreshed. They also released a live album, please listen to it. It's amazing, they're like digital tracks. Even Infinite F sounds better than digital tracks

6. [+57, -11] Infinite - company, stylist, leader prides

7. [+54, -26] EXO - digital, b-side prides

8. [+40, -13] VIXX - height pride... such models ㅠㅠ

9. [+37, -33] EXO - withdrawal pride

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