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Junsu on EBS music broadcast after 6 years

Pann: Junsu appears on a music program after 6 years

Sul Kyung Gu congratulating Junsu


1. [+80, -4] Can't believe that an artist is having a hard time to sing on the stage when he did nothing wrong. I love my artist for not giving up


2. [+70, -4] So touching. I guess SM's dirty acts are not affecting EBS? ㅋㅋ JYJ, do well


3. [+57, -1] Junsu hwaiting JYJ hwaiting

4. [+34, -2] I love you Junsu ㅠㅠ This is the start of your appearances on music broadcast!


5. [+29, -0] I used to be a TVXQ stan. After entering university and aging, I started caring less and less. But I still downloaded their songs ㅋㅋ I was just organizing my computer and found this gif ㅋㅋ I'm seriously considering whether to resume stanning or not ㅋㅋ


6. [+26, -1] Let's do this one by one! ㅠㅠ 12:10AM on the 30th, Junsu's time. I'll be waiting! Junsu hwaiting JYJ hwaiting!


7. [+24, -1] I was shocked when I read the title... I'm amazed that he's on music broadcast and how it took 6 years... His job is a singer, how does it make sense that it took him 6 years? Please do many broadcast promotions!!!

8. [+23, -1] Thank you for singing <3 Let's walk only on flowery path


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