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Suho's body vs Jonghyun's body

Pann: Which body do you prefer? Suho vs Jonghyun




1. [+218, -19] I want Kim Joonmyun

2. [+202, -4] Their bodies aside, I'd do anything for their faces

3. [+200, -12] Joonmyun's face looks like he'd have no muscles but he's a bit muscular. Fucking Joonmen. Jonghyun's abs are amazing, too


4. [+89, -107] So teenagers like that cheese-stick body. When you age, you'll want to lick Jonghyun's body

5. [+74, -2] Jonghyun is sexy and Suho is... erotic... When I see him, I feel like I'm committing something I shouldn't be... Both can't be mine so I won't even choose one. I'm saving both pictures

6. [+69, -7] It's true that women prefer light muscles over extremely muscular body

7. [+52, -4] Jonghyun's body is so sexy ㅋㅋ

8. [+47, -78] EXO-Ls are young ㅋㅋ They don't have good taste. Guys prefer Jonghyun's muscular body. Aged women also prefer Jonghyun's body. It's like how young girls are fantasized over bad boys

9. [+34, -9] 10~20 year-old women will choose Suho's body. 30~40 year-old women will choose Jonghyun's body

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