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Is Sunggyu dating?

Pann: Is Sunggyu dating currently?

1. [+78, -5] I'm curious of who Infinite members are going to marry ㅠㅠ I hope their future wives are as kind and well-mannered as the members. I want the wives to be too good for the members ㅠㅠ It all depends on the members but I just want the wives to be good people. Sunggyu's nose bridge though...

2. [+57, -4] Recently, Sunggyu gives off a different vibe ㅋㅋ He shows lots of aegyo ㅋㅋ Is he really dating?

3. [+55, -2] Ah... I was shocked when I read the title


4. [+24, -0] I'm serious, isn't Sunggyu so handsome? I'm a stan of his looks ㅠㅠ Sunggyu is really handsome, he's a space handsome guy ㅠㅠ

5. [+18, -1] Gather here, Sunggyu ulppas <3 He looks like a chaebol's son here ㅠㅠ


6. [+15, -1] I became a fan after Gyunius


7. [+15, -1] It might piss you off... As a non-fan, I thought I'd never find Sunggyu handsome. But I saw him in real life and he was handsome. He's not exactly handsome but in real life, you'll say he's handsome

8. [+13, -0] I envy Myungsoo...so much... Sunggyu must be doing this to his girlfriend ㅠㅠ


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