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Naeun's debut and body

Pann: Naeun's debut ~ present



1. [+136, -89] Pre-debut


2. [+96, -49] She looks so pretty with black hair


3. [+85, -67] I can't deny her plastic surgery but I think she looked the same at debut. She just lost her baby fat so she's pretty

4. [+58, -38] Pretty


5. [+47, -13] ?



Pann: Naeun's body is actually amazing... Daebak


1. [+178, -122] Ugh, there are 5 posts of Naeun... Why are they being posted so much? I guess they're using part timers

2. [+73, -46] This photo is taken by a phone. Enough said


3. [+70, -28] I envy her ㅠㅠ I personally don't like her but I envy her body ㅠㅠ You need to work out to have a good body but you also have to be born with a good body line ㅠㅠ She looks so pretty when wearing a dress

4. [+32, -20] Don't bother to read or comment if you don't want to read Naeun posts. The reason why these posts are becoming top posts is because you keep reading and commenting on them

5. [+32, -4] 20 inch ant waist + hip up. She was always famous for this


6. [+30, -5] I'm a girl but I envy her. Her body line is so pretty. She's glamorous in a natural way and she's not that skinny. Her body is very feminine

7. [+25, -2] Her waist and hip line are pretty

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