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Female idols who look better with little makeup

Pann: Female idol who looks pretty with no makeup


1. [+65, -2] She honestly looks better without makeup. Why do they make her a plastic monster with the makeup?

2. [+47, -2] She looked much prettier at debut... She looks pretty with little makeup


3. [+36, -2] I expected to see Sandara ㅋㅋ

4. [+23, -1] She's not a plastic monster. She's a makeup monster...

5. [+18, -5] Aiiing~ Add me, too~


6. [+13, -0] T-ara's image is just bad but I think she's a kind one... She talks carefully on broadcast and when the members were bullying Hwayoung on Twitter, she was the only one who didn't participate. She was also the only one who took a selca with Hwayoung

7. [+13, -2] Why do you do this... Give me your face if you're gonna waste it like this ㅠㅠ

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